Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Fitness: My Week 9 - 12 Program

Results have been outstanding! Still keeping at it with more determination! I've decided to switch it up a bit keeping both days at the same amount of sets and reps. Some weeks, I added an additional day for just a HIIT run for 20 minutes.

Still dedicating 2 days a week with each day being the same workouts:
- Find your current RM
- Must have 1 minute rest between each rep

Day 1 & 2 Workout:

At 4 sets of 10 reps each do the following workouts:

1) Barbell Pulse Squat
2) Dumbell Chest Fly
3) Cable Kickbacks
4) Lat Pulldown
5) Pull Ups/Dips (Super Set)
6) Star Jumps (my HIIT)
7) Dish 

I've been incorporating my HIIT in my workout this time around which is doing a complete 360 turn - TWICE (total of 10 reps/jumps per set).
Makes the work out so much more complete and burns what we all want - FAT!

*Don't forget to warm up & cool down for 2 minutes each. Also, stretching and keeping well hydrated to minimize muscle cramps.

App used for my workout plans: FitNotes (Android) or Gym Hero Pro (ios)
App used for my HIIT: Interval Timer (both Android & ios)

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