Tuesday, February 2, 2016

VALENTINE'S - DIY Felt Heart Wreath

Valentine's Day is not far away! What better decor than to add a personal (hand made) touch to this LOVE season! For inspiration here's what I did.

Tools needed: 

- Glue gun
- 2 yards of red felt fabric (purchased at Walmart or available at any other Fabric store)
- Scissors
- Bare heart or round wreath
- 1 yard of large velvet ribbon 

I purchased a simple heart wreath from Dollarama (I removed the tacky decoration) and wrapped the bare wreath with 4 inch velvet ribbon to use as a base for my hand made flowers. I cut 5 inch squares (you'll need about 130 squares) and then cut to make the flowers. You can find an photo example here.
Make sure to make about 20 flowers ranging in different sizes as "fillers". 

Once all the flowers are made start from the highest/thickest point of the wreath and work from there. Always make sure you place them on the wreath BEFORE you start gluing them! This gives you a better idea of how it will look before it's too late. 

I then used a small velvet ribbon that I already had to hang the wreath. Michaels has a large variety of ribbon usually on promotion.

If you're interested in seeing actual video tutorials, let me know! I usually make my handmade wreaths for every occasion. 


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