Thursday, February 18, 2016

MAC Lipstick - RUBY WOO [Retro Matte]

Of course MAC has their signature gorgeous packing- we can spot them when we see them! This shade is described as a vivid blue-red with a retro matte finish. The matte finish to me is what makes this beautiful look spot on red that everyone must have in their lipstick collection. It's the perfect tone of a vigorous red shade. It can be a little drying when first applied but mixed with a matching lip liner makes application more smooth. It doesn’t transfer too much and is longer lasting than a lot of lipsticks out there. The swatch on me looks more of a warm blue toned matte but the opacity is gorgeous! It brings out any complexion to make it much more vibrant. If you don't own this shade, you are definitely missing out! 

I LOVE this lipstick, it is my got-to perfect red lipstick. Like all MAC lipsticks, I love the soft, pleasant smell.

Available at the MAC store or online for $20.

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